How it Works

From the first miner up you are now eligible to host your asic miners within our data center.

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Easy Onboarding

After you contacted us we will provide you a contract for the hosting. After you signed all documents we will help you deliver the miners to our data center and set them up following your instructions.

Safe & Secure

We do not force you to use a special mining pool. You can freely decide which pool you join and get 100% of all payouts.

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Buy new miners on and benefit from a faster setup and hassle free delivery services.

Endless Power Solutions

What we do

We provide you a full-service data center colocation for ASIC-Miners.

Essentially, this is meaning we host your miners in our data center for a monthly fee. In return you benefit from our low electricity rates and support if you experience any problems with your machines.

Why Endless Power Solutions

Your Benefits

Our data center is located at a safe location within a secured area. Electricity is provided safely from a third party nuclear power plant with direct connection to our data center. If you experience any problems with your ASIC-Boards we offer you repair services and can also provide you assistance from our Bitmain authorised repair site.

Safe & Secure
All Miners
Easy Payment
Direct Cash Outs
24/7 Surveillance
Quick Setup

Pricing & values

Min. Miners needed:


Electricity Price:

0.10 USD/kWh

Available (free) Capacity:

10.500 Miners

Mining Commission:

0 %


100 MB/s

Accepted Currencies :


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Road Map

Endless Power Solutions Road Map

We are trying to improve our services with new features and better prices.

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